An Energy Drink for Gamers

          GG by GamerSupps is an energy drink and nootropic formula for gamers and esports athletes. It provides a boost of energy without the crash that often happens with other energy beverages. Having consumed lots of GG myself since working with them, I can vouch for their claim - I stay energized! GG comes in a variety of flavours including Acai Blueberry, Strawberry Burst, and my personal favourite, Dragon Fruit Punch. The powder can be ordered in either cost-effective tubs or in sample packets, along with one of their many shaker cups. Just add water for the boost of energy and focus you need in your day.



  • Beautiful, thoughtful, and high quality images for stronger brand representation

  • Images that can be used both in promotional graphics and on social media

  • Visual content for new product launches, including photos and video

Product Photography

While shooting product photos of the tubs, sample packs, and shakers for GamerSupps, there were a few things to keep in mind:

  • Shoot in a variety of compositions - images will be used for both graphics and social media

  • Make sure the colours pop -the products must stand out in a social media feed

  • Shoot all products that exist - including promotional bundles

Throughout the project, I kept a visually consistent style of bright, vibrant colours. By building different scenes and capturing them from multiple angles, we have been able to create a strong library of images that can be used across Twitter and Instagram, in combination with content from their designers and streamers.

Strawberry Burst Launch Video

          Launching a new product can be difficult. To excite your community with a new product, you need to showcase something visual. In the case of "Strawberry Burst", the team already had 3D graphics of their new tub and shaker ready to share. But they wanted more than that. We decided to create a video that would show the product in use, and provide insight into the flavour of the new drink. 

          We strategized and storyboarded the video in advance, and planned a piece that would build hype, while also informing and convincing an audience to purchase the new product. The visuals that were created for the unveiling (including the video below, photos, and graphics) were combined with a launch week offer and successfully introduced a new flavour into the GG lineup.