New Studio, New Visuals

          When starting up a new small business, your visual identity is extremely important. Your website should be live and look professional, you should have an active presence on social media, and you should do your best to be active within your local community. When East Uptown Yoga was in the early stages of growth, we worked together to create a library of branded visual content to meet the studio's goals.



  • Highlight a growing community of wonderful yoga enthusiasts
  • Include their instructors on their website with professional headshots
  • Showcase the inclusive and welcoming studio space to potential members of all skill levels
  • Create a catalog of images for use on social media and in promotional graphics

Promotional Video

          We created an introductory video to East Uptown Yoga, intended to provide potential studio-goers with a sense of the space, the people, and the schedule. By interviewing Diane, one of the owners, and inserting visuals of the space, we were able to craft an honest overview of what it's like to practice at East Uptown Yoga.

          I believe that being genuine on camera is the most honest way to tell your story, and we did our best to capture that while making this video. It is simple, but, when combined with the rest of the imagery throughout the website and social media, does a fine job of introducing the public to East Uptown Yoga.

You can check out the video below:




          One of the goals at East Uptown Yoga was to provide professional headshots for the instructors on their website. A yoga practice can depend on the instructor, so it is helpful to introduce them in advance. By pairing the images with short biographies, potential studio members can get to know the instructors before stepping into their first class.

Stock Photos


          The last portion of the project with East Uptown Yoga was a day of stock photography. Diane had some wonderful insight into the poses she wanted captured and was able to bring together a number of fantastic volunteers from her community for a day of shooting. I was able to capture each pose in a variety of compositions to create a large catalog of images to be used on social media and in promotional graphics. The experience was more than just a photoshoot, it was an opportunity to thank the community members that actively attended the studio, showcase them in posts, and share their passion for yoga with their peers.