Hi, I'm Matt!

It’s a pleasure to meet you! What do I do? I'm a digital content creator & storyteller. I make professional videos for businesses looking to share their story with their audience. I’m passionate about the human element in the work we produce online. I also help those who wish to improve their storytelling skills and level-up the quality of the work they are creating.

Telling A Story With Your Brand



When your audience visits your social media channel(s), what do they find? Is it a mess of disjointed imagery, or a visually consistent collection of brand assets that tell a larger story? I'm an advocate of telling a story.



 If a photograph is worth a thousand words, a video must be worth billions. In a world where everyone is sharing content online, video is the best way to stand out, hold attention, and make an impact with your business.



What story are you telling? Does it help your company stand out? Be strategic with the stories you tell by considering how they represent your brand and your business. If done right, you will succeed online.


Your business needs video. 

It's simple. Video is your single largest opportunity to make an impact online. As a freelancer, I've had the chance to work with numerous clients in a variety of industries, from academia to healthcare, and yoga to video games. I know what it takes to produce professional, compelling content that meets your goals and helps your bottom line.